Ford Van Limo

Los Angeles Van LimoThe Ford E-350. The perfect vehicle for large group or business travel for up to 14 passengers, this comfortable van features 39” head room and 39” leg room and 16.9 cu ft. luggage compartment with a max cargo capacity of 108.9 cu ft. This is a perfect vehicle for public and or private airports, and is a favorite of large traveling groups and musicians.

Mercedes Benz Sprinter

Los Angeles Mercedes Benz Sprinter LimoThe Mercedes Benz Super Sprinter. This German engineering marvel has become one of the most highly sought-out limousine vehicles for mass transit in Los Angeles. It is considered to be one of the most comfortable large capacity vehicles, and with 187 cu ft of cargo volume it seats 11 passengers. Its best in class standing height allows passengers up to 6’4″ tall to stand up straight and stretch, while its 6’x4’3″ side door allows the easiest entry point in virtually any luxury vehicle.

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